MathHub Main is a portal for active mathematical documents and an archive for flexiformal mathematics. It offers a rich interface for reading, writing, and interacting with mathematical documents and knowledge ... more

A mathematical document is called flexiformal (or a FlexiForm), if it represents the underlying knowledge and document structures at varying levels of formality; formal content enables machine support and interactivity, but requires high (initial) investment as prerequisite knowledge needs to be formalized first. Flexiformalization tries to strike a more balanced bargain between machine support and formalization costs. aims to drive down the cost of flexiformalization further by providing

  • a central archive of flexiforms and community for sharing tools, results, and projects,
  • an online and offline authoring and document development infrastructure, and
  • GIT repositories (public and private escrow) for mathematical documentation projects

The FlexiForms on can be accessed via Libraries in the navigation menu. For general discussions go to the "Discussions" tab. Discussions on a particular Flexiform can be initiated below the material, and localized discussions can be initiated (and used) by clicking on the knowledge item. ... documentation

Libraries groups content by user accounts and independent libraries, e.g. the libraries of theorem provers that are maintained by whole communities.

MathHub libraries consist of individual math archives that are individually versioned and carry individual sets of permissions.

MathHub libraries can only be established by the MathHub Library Committee, to propose a library for MathHub send e-mail with your proposal to


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