The archives of the OpenDreamKit EU Project. The overall aim of the project is to build a mathematical VRE (virtual research environment) from open-source components like Sage, GAP, Pari, Singular, the LMFDB, Findstat, OEIS, ... via a central ontology: the MitM (Math-in-the-Middle) ontology

The organization is according to the Knowledge-First Paradigm. The main idea is that we use a flexiformal ontology of them mathematical concepts covered by the systems as a central reference and interface theories of system-specific refinements of this.

  • The MitM Library on MathHub contains the central ontology
  • The ODK archive contains system meta-theories and the mathematical/computational foundations
  • The rest is the interface theories: OMDoc/MMT theories generated by the systems whenever they are released. They are linked to the MitM ontology via interface views.

Responsible: kohlhase@kwarc.info,florian.rabe@kwarc.info

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