MathHub Intellectual Property

Primary tabs builds on a solid legal framework: the Creative Commons licenses. The authors retain copyright for their works and license them to the community. In particular, when submitting any documents to, the authors agree to the following licensing scheme:

  • If the authors use a public MathHub repository, then the content (including source) will be licensed under a CC Attribution-Sharealike license.
  • If the author uses a private repository (document escrow), then the content will be made public and licensed under a CC Attribution-Sharealike license after three months (unless the authors choose to prolong escrow).

The document escrow provision is designed to give the mathematical community access to the documents after the authors no longer care enough to prolong the escrow. This will build a content commons of flexiformal, active documents.

Users will be notified of imminent escrow expiry ahead of time, escrow can be prolonged by a simple mouse click, and users can withdraw content or even delete private repositories to avoid content becoming public.